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Heat pumps are a great home comfort option. We provide full heat pump installation, maintenance and repair services in Victoria BC and surrounding areas.

If you are thinking of replacing your existing heat pump or having one installed for the first time, there are many factors to take into consideration. Consulting with Island Furnace & Fireplace to learn how to select the right size heat pump and how to determine which features you need is the best way to begin the process of selecting a new unit.

Even if you had a heat pump in the past, it can be difficult to sort through all of the options available with newer models. You need a heat pump that’s matched well to the size of your home and that’s also compatible with whatever type of furnace or air handler you already have in place.  

All About Heat Pumps

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps are a very effective and energy efficient method for keeping your home comfortable all year long. They cool the house in the summer by removing heat from your indoor air and pumping it outside. And in the winter, heat pumps bring air into your home after extracting it from outside. Though conventional wisdom says that there is no heat outside during the winter, there actually is, and heat pumps are designed to extract it. When paired with a furnace or air handler, an outdoor heat pump unit can easily maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Of course, you need to have a furnace or an air handler that integrates well with your heat pump, so it is often a good idea to purchase both from the same company. All of our heat pumps can easily be paired with the furnaces that we carry. An integrated system including a heat pump and a furnace is usually the most economical and efficient way to heat and cool your home.

Heat Pump Effectiveness

Heat pumps are remarkably energy efficient. That’s because rather than producing hot or cold air, they transfer heat from one area to another. Most heat pumps are quite effective at heating your home on their own even when the outdoor temperature gets close to the freezing point.

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